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Manufacturing Effectiveness from World Class Technology
Thai Packaging Industry Public Co., Ltd. become one of the country's leading packaging manufacturer partly because of an unceasing development. This is especially the development of printing system and corrugated fiberboard manufacturing technology, which is the combination of Taiwanese and American advancement, that has manufacturing capacity of 180 meters/minute of strong, especially tolerant and thickness can be added as desire.
However, in the midst of business competition, style and quality of packaging products have important role in the decision making of consumers. Therefore, as the packaging manufacturer, TIPACK has to develop the style and quality continuously. This is evident in the dedicate process of processing corrugated fiberboard into packaging box. The process starts with the designing by CAD computer system that gives accurate proportion, and then the model is built and checked for correctness before feeding into the manufacturing process by Flexography printing and cutting integrated system. The packagings have beautiful color and only one connecting spot, and the form of corrugated fiberboard is well maintained.
The effectiveness of strictly controlled manufacture makes the packaging products under the manufacture of TIPACK are full of quality, trusted by local and international customers. These lead to the achievement of ISO 9002 and ISO/IEC 25 Guide from Thailand Industrial Standard Institute, Ministry of Industry.

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